How Do I Choose and Use Essential Oils

Needless to say, the essential oil that you select will depend on the purpose you are going to use the oil for. Are you looking to give a boost to your mood? Or, you want to treat a skin problem? No matter what the reason, there is no list that specifies which essential oil is used to treat which health problem or alleviate which skin condition. If you have a skin related problem or been suffering from hair loss, using the best lavender essential oil in USA will be the smartest move you can make.

In this article, we will talk about how you should choose and using essential oils for any problems you have concerning your skin, hair, and health.

The essential oils of basil, Frankincense, chamomile, and lavender are usually known to have a comforting effect and may help you treat anxiety. Bergamot and peppermint oil, on the other hand, can help you deal with depression as they have a stimulating effect. So it becomes important that you discuss which essential oils to use with qualified and experienced aromatherapists. They are in a better position to guide and educate you about the right use of essential oil for which purpose.

What is Essential Oil?

Essential oil is a highly concentrated natural extract from the flowers, stems, and leaves of a plant. The best way to use the essential oils is to inhale them owing to their mind-blowing therapeutic properties and soothing fragrance. However, you can dilute them with a carrier oil and then apply them on the affected area of the skin.

One of the most amazing things about essential oils for hair growth and thickness is that they have various therapeutic and medicinal properties. Their properties (antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial) make them one of the most preferred and useful products to be used as a medicine for quick healing.

Essential oils penetrate through the body in three major ways, including:

  • inhaled
  • ingested
  • applied to the skin

Within each of these methods, there are numerous different kinds of application methods. You can apply the best lavender essential oils in USA using baths, compresses, or massage them into your skin.


How Do I Choose a Method to Rub Essential Oils on the Affected Area?

The application method you opt for will depend on the effect you’re looking for and the essential oil chosen. For instance, there are a few essential oils that irritate your skin. So they would need more dilution. Or, you might use them in a better way through inhalation.

Have you bought an essential oil? If so, the method of applying the essential oil depends on the kind of condition you are looking to treat and the desired effect you expect. Consider the below mentioned useful tips.

  1. If you are looking to treat wounds, it mostly includes the usage of topical applications.
  2. If you are looking for rapid action on a skin or health problem, inhaling the essential oil might work to your advantage.
  3. Baths consist of not only inhalation but topical absorption as well.

P.S – If you are not sure about which application method you should use with essential oils, make sure you seek advice from a qualified and experienced aromatherapist.

What are the Most Popular Essential Oils and Health Conditions They Treat?

Well, there are more than 90 types of essential oils. Each of them has their own distinct fragrance and health benefits.

Listed below are 10 most popular ones and benefits of essential oils.

  • Lavender – alleviates stress
  • Lemon – helps one in digestion, improves mood, and relieves headache
  • Peppermint – boosts energy and helps one in proper digestion
  • Rose – improves one’s mood and lower anxiety
  • Jasmine – helps combat digestion and libido
  • Bergamot – reduces stress and enhances skin conditions like eczema
  • Chamomile – enhances mood
  • Sandalwood – calms nerves
  • Tea Tree – boosts the immune system and fights infections
  • Ylang-Ylang – treats nausea, skin conditions, and headaches

How Can I Use Essential Oil?

There are several ways you can consider when it comes to using the most effective essential lavender oils.

  1. Diffuser

A diffuser is a device that dissolves essential oils into the air. You can find multiple types of essential oil that can be used for this purpose. However, it’s important that you consider the manufacturer’s instructions for safety purpose.

Some of the most popular types of diffusers for essential oil include:

  • candle
  • lamp rings
  • electric
  • ceramic
  • ultrasonic
  • reed diffuser
  1. Inhalation

If you are looking to inhale the essential oil, consider opening its bottle. Make sure you inhale profoundly. However, you need to ensure that the undiluted oil does not touch your skin. When you are dispensing pure and best essential lavender oils in USA in the air, it is important that you take pregnant/breastfeeding women, children, or pets around into consideration.

  1. Humidifier

Ensure that you check with the manufacturer’s directions if you are looking to add essential oils to the humidifier. However, there are some ultrasonic humidifier manufacturers that don’t recommend the use of essential oil in the device.

  1. Dry Evaporation

This method is to use the essential oils that requires dry material, including a cotton ball or fabric. Consider adding some drops of essential oils to the material and then hold the same to your nose. Now inhale it or let the fragrance diffuse naturally. You can even add this material to your shirt collar, pillowcase, or your car vents.

Many people are aware of the vital role essential oils play in their day-to-day life, which is why they extensively rely on them when it comes to seeking much-needed relief from headaches, lowering pain, and promoting good night’s sleep. Not only can they enhance one’s condition of the skin but can also help treat cold. The benefits of essential oils are plenty.


Essential oils should be handled with care and they must always be diluted in a proper way before you apply them directly to the affected area of your skin. If you are looking to ingest the essential oils, do get in touch with your doctor for better consultation about their use.

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